Handwoven Magazine March/April 2023, Volume XLIV, Number 2

Handwoven Magazine March/April 2023, Volume XLIV, Number 2

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Weavers have a unique way of looking at the world and often borrow color combinations, patterns, and interesting forms from everyday life for their designs. In this issue of Handwoven we celebrate the inspiration that surrounds us in buildings and structures with 11 projects that each explore some aspect of architecture. In addition, you’ll learn about 2 weavings that used special types of architecture for their inspiration—an iconic skyscraper, and oddly enough, a pleated corpse flower.

In other articles, you’ll be introduced to the Tuesday Weavers of Tennessee, learn how to spin and weave with paper, receive tips for taking care of your eyes and hands while weaving, and read about the many Icelandic sheep and wool customs. In Notes from the Fell, Tom Knisely shares his list of go-to weaving books, and there is something for everyone in the Euroflax Yarn Lab.

Wherever inspiration finds you, you’ll love this issue of Handwoven based on the elements of the architecture that surround us.


  • Idea Gallery: Weaving the Bow by Penny Hajdu
  • Stepping Up: Preserving a Weaving Community by Patricia Bethke Bing
  • Notes from the Fell: From My Library by Tom Knisely
  • Healthy Weavers: Helping Eyes and Hands Find Their Weaving Sweet Spot by Cynthia Evetts and Tina Fletcher
  • Icelandic Textiles, Shaped by Nature by Megan M. MacBride
  • Spinning and Weaving Paper by Karin Borden
  • Yarn Lab: Euroflax, a Linen for All Weavers by Christine Jablonski
  • Endnotes: Architecture in the Natural World by Nancy Peterson


  • Spatial Overlap by Ozana Gherman (8-shaft)
  • Palm Springs Cocktail Carpets by Jennifer E. Kwong (3-shaft)
  • Square Dance runners by Sarah Jackson (8-shaft)
  • Rosebud Trellis Fingertip Towels by Malynda Allen (4-shaft)
  • Woven Mosaics by Jan Josifek (6-shaft)
  • Santorini Blankets by Janis Eckert and Sheila O’Hara (8- or 10-shaft)
  • Nursery Windows by Tracy Kaestner (8-shaft)
  • Crystal Palace Interior by Andrea Williams (8-shaft)
  • Herculaneum Scarf by Nancy Peck (4-shaft or rigid heddle)
  • Sidewalks and Shadows by Merriel Miller (8-shaft)
  • Craftsman Crackle Scarf by Deanna Deeds (4-shaft)
80 Pages
Published by Long Thread Media