Learn to Weave by Anne Field

Learn to Weave by Anne Field

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A Project-Based Approach to Weaving Basics

Internationally acclaimed masterweaver Anne Field has been teaching and demonstrating basic and advanced weaving techniques for over 25 years. While most beginner books describe the different weaving techniques and then give examples of how they can be used, Anne has found that people learn best when they can start making things right away. So her latest book takes a project-based approach, where beginners learn the techniques through actually doing a weaving project. Each project is described in detail, with photographs showing the finished work, as well as the various steps in getting there.

The book focuses on shaft looms only, with most projects woven on four-shaft looms and one or two eight-shaft projects. Table looms are also covered. Chapters one and two look at choosing your loom and how to set it up and then it is straight into the projects, which include table runners, table mats, wraps, scarfs, creating fabric for a vest and jacket, cushions, wall hangings and rugs. As well as the more traditional yarns of wool and cotton, Anne also uses the latest yarns, such as Tencel and bamboo, and discusses the use of computers in weaving.

Author: Anne Field
Format: Paperback
Total Page Count: 208
Illustrations: 145 color photos, 45 diagrams
ISBN: 978-1-57076-618-3