Pink Globe Yarnit Yarn Holder

Pink Globe Yarnit

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The yarnit is a brilliant new yarn accessory that protects and organizes your yarn and knitting accessories from dirt and grime while you travel. 

  • Durable and Strong
  • Made from Lexon Polycarbonate, Virtually Unbreakable
  • Needle docking slots in the top
  • Store small accessories in the base
  • Sits in the cup holder of your car, when the base is removed
  • Includes a strap to carry the yarnit with you
  • Includes a rubber pin to lock the globe together
  • Great gift idea for knitters and fiber artists
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The Yarnit globe is 5” in diameter and weighs only 7 oz. It can handle most yarns that are 100 grams in Balls or Cakes. The Yarnit was NOT designed to hold oversize and/or tubular pull skeins.

Tips for fitting your yarn into your Yarnit: 

  • Remove the outer label and/or wrapping. 
  • Hand wind your yarn into a round ball. Many pull skeins are best worked with when wound into a ball to avoid them tangling when the skein collapses as the yarn is used up. 
  • Turn a yarn cake on its side and pull from the center. 
  • Elliptical and/or Bullet skeins can often be scrunched to fit inside and then pull from the center of the skein. 
  • Hanks may be wound into either balls or cakes. When winding hanks into cakes, a cake will often need to be turned on its side and pulled from the center. 

More information about the Yarnit is available at and on this short video:

Check out this free article from Interweave for general information about how to work with different types of yarn balls.