Spin Off Summer 2021 Magazine, Volume XLV, Number 2

Spin Off Summer 2021 Magazine, Volume XLV, Number 2

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The Art & Craft of Spinning Yarn

Spin Off explores the art and craft of making yarn. Each issue connects you to new and familiar voices in the handspinning community and is packed with information about fibers, tools, and traditions to inspire your creativity.

In this issue are Whorls and Pulleys: What's the difference?; The Art & Science of Twist; Cabled Yarns! By the Numbers or By Feel; Decoding Ancient Yarn Neanderthal 3-Ply, Bronze-Age Cables & More; 3 Summer Spins; and so much more! Check out our current inventory of back issues as well. 


  • Beauty Shot: Melanie's Cabled Yarn by Melanie Bonhomme
  • Telling Tales: Twist as Storyteller by Liz Hammond-Kaarremaa
  • Ancient Cabled Yarns by Gayle Vallance
  • Twisted Love: An Artist Measures Twist & Grit by Sahara Briscoe 
  • Twist Your Fibers, Not Your Spine by Carson Demers
  • Spinning Shetland Fine Lace: It's All About Twist-Or Is It? by Elizabeth Johnston
  • Color-Swirl Blending Effects for Spinning by Emily Wohlscheid
  • High-Twist Textiles by Meagan Condon
  • Twist & Pleat: High-Twist Singles for Easy Woven Texture by Denise Bolger Kovnat
  • What Is a Whorl? Beginner Basics by Amy Tyler
  • Cabling: Opening the Door to Designer Yarns by Gayle Vallance
  • Emptying the Bucket: A Handspun Crochet Challenge by Mary-Lyn Tebby


  • The Chameleon Shawl by Melvenea Hodges
  • A New Twist on Tapestry: Crochet Wall Art by Connie Lee Lynch
  • Romney Pleated Scarf by Denise Bolger Kovnat
88 Pages
Published by Long Thread Media