Spin Off Fall 2021 Magazine, Volume XLV, Number 3

Spin Off Fall 2021 Magazine, Volume XLV, Number 3

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The Art & Craft of Spinning Yarn

Spin Off explores the art and craft of making yarn. Each issue connects you to new and familiar voices in the handspinning community and is packed with information about fibers, tools, and traditions to inspire your creativity.

In this issue are the Spinner's Toolbox Accessories You'll Love; Nostepinne Wind 3 Ways, On the Bias Spin + Weave a Pin-Loom Scarf; and so much more! Check out our current inventory of back issues as well. 


  • Unwinding the Nostepinne by Heavenly Bresser
  • Color Tools: A Spinner Exploes by Ellen Mckean
  • Hand-Ginning Cotton: A Practical Guide by Melvenea Hodges
  • Spinning in Color for Pin-Loom Weaving by Madeline Keller-King 
  • The Mighty Magnet: A Supported Spindle Aid by Helen Barbara Mawdsley
  • Slow Prep: Making the Most of Hog Island Fleece by Holly Callahan-Kasmala
  • Spinning and the Sarakatsani by Mimi Seyferth
  • Wool and Wood: Natural Storage Bobbins by A. Sabine Schröder-Gravendyck
  • Lazy Kates: Beginner Basics by Amy Tyler
  • Coming Full Circle: A Golden Anniversary by Susan C. Druding
  • Yes, Antique Spinning Wheels Do Talk by Betsy Burnham Alspach


  • Stormy Seas Scarf by Devin Helmet and John Mullarkey
  • Stranded Gradient Fingerless Mitts by Risë Burgie
88 Pages
Published by Long Thread Media