Spin Off Winter 2022 Magazine, Volume XLV, Number 4

Spin Off Winter 2022 Magazine, Volume XLV, Number 4

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The Art & Craft of Spinning Yarn

Spin Off explores the art and craft of making yarn. Each issue connects you to new and familiar voices in the handspinning community and is packed with information about fibers, tools, and traditions to inspire your creativity.

In this issue are Building Better Blends, Rare-Breed Tweed Card You Own, Stronger Socks Naturally, and so much more! Check out our current inventory of back issues as well. 


  • Beauty and the Beast: Herdwick Wool, a Heritage Mill & Luxury Cloth by Cath Snape
  • Nature's Nylon: Natural Alternatives for Stronger Socks by Stephanie Johnson
  • Fiber Blending and Hand Comfort by Carson Demers
  • Optimizing Luxury: Getting the Most Mileage Out of Exotic Fiber by Lisa Mitchell
  • Wool & Hemp: A "Primitive" Fiber Dream Team by Madeline Keller-King
  • Structure: Choosing Fibers for Drumcarding by Emily Wohlscheid
  • Wool Basics: What Is Grease? buy A. Sabine Schröder-Gravendyck
  • Llama Fiber: A Realm of Possibilities by Dr. Annamarie Hatcher
  • Llama Fiber: An Exploration in Spinning and Knitting by Barbara Kelly-Landry


  • Alloy Socks by Stefanie Johnson
  • Sturdy Mittens for Winter Walks by Madeline Keller-King
  • Table Scraps: Clasped-Weft Table Runner by Tracy Livernois
88 Pages
Published by Long Thread Media