addiEgg I-cord Knitting Machine

addiEgg I-cord Knitting Machine

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The popular addiExpress and addiExpress Kingsize knitting machines have a new addition to the family – the addiEgg.

Caution: The addiEgg's instruction manual states that it "works best with sport weight up to a heavy worsted weight yarn." Our independent testing of this finds something different. We've found that DK weight yarn is the thickest that this machine can handle. Our testing of worsted weight yarn (we used Cascade 220), resulted in poor performance that seized up the machine and caused damage to the first machine we used. Please note that we will not accept any returns for damaged product on this machine. We are selling these machines "as is." They are new and work fine with lighter weight yarns.

Tips for Operation: 

  • This machine does not work exactly the same as the other addiExpress machines.
  • You need to follow the instructions exactly
  • Be gentle when cranking the handle.
  • Do not crank the machine without the top on.
  • Don't crank the machine sitting on a table.
  • You need to hold the machine with one hand and crank with the other.
  • Make sure that the weight(s) hangs freely from under the machine with it centered in the 4 feet.
  • Do not add additional tension by pulling on the bottom of the I-cord while knitting.
  • Check that your yarn is wound evenly and pulls freely. 
  • IF you decide to try knitting with worsted weight yarn, it appears that addi has included a second weight with most of the newer stock of this item. The second weight aids greatly in knitting with a medium weight yarn, however you have to crank very slowly and there is a high possibility that you may damage the machine. We suggest casting on with a sport weight yarn to the machine and then switching to the thicker yarn. 
  • The video produced by addi on YouTube from 2018 is missing many of these tips mentioned here and should not be taken as a complete demonstration of knitting with this machine. 


  • A little knitting machine with 6 needles that cranks out i-cords
  • Simply load the yarn, cast-on, attach the weight, and turn the handle to knit your desired length of cord. 
  • Includes instruction booklet. No experience knitting needed. 
  • Please note that these machines are designed for hobby purposes, and not intended for production knitting.

Box Contains: 

  • 1 addiEgg, comprised of the main body of the machine with needles
  • 1 clear removable lid
  • 4 removable legs
  • 1 removable handle extension 
  • 1 weight
  • Written instructions