How To Draw 100 - Flowers by Janet Whittle & Penny Brown

How To Draw 100 - Flowers by Janet Whittle & Penny Brown

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Learn to draw 100 of your favorite blooms in 6 easy steps, starting with simple shapes. For all ages.

Learn how to draw 100 beautiful blooms! From wondering wild flowers like daisies and tulips, garden treasures such as crocuses and gerberas to the exotic Birds of Paradise, irises and magnolias, there is a whole host of blossoms to choose from.

The process for sketching each flower is broken down into 8 easy steps: by drawing a few simple shapes a stage at a time, you can create a gorgeous, realistic bloom in very little time. There are also two shaded-in versions of each flower, one in pencil and the other in paint, to offer you inspiration for adding final touches to your own drawn flower.

This is the perfect book for budding artists of all ages yearning to draw their favorite posies, or the experienced artist looking for a variety of subjects to inspire.