Statement Macramé

Statement Macramé

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Create Stunning Large-Scale Wall Art, Headboards, Backdrops and Plant Hangers with Step-by-Step Tutorials                                                                                                by Natalie Ranae

Natalie Ranae taught readers the basics of designing macramé in her first book, Macramé at Home, and now she is back to teach next-level macramé projects. Just as Natalie created large-scale, chic macramé pieces for spas, such as the Knot Springs in Portland, Oregon, or The Beauty Barn in Ontario, Canada, readers will learn to craft sizable decorations for the home that take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. With the knotted-rope craft already making a huge comeback in home décor, this book will be a great asset to those who grasp the basic technique of macramé and now want to make large, astonishing pieces.

Readers will follow Natalie’s step-by-step instructions through 12 different intermediate and advanced macramé projects, from wedding event backdrops to wall hangings, from hammocks to chandeliers, from window curtains to multi-plant wall hangers, and even mats and bed headboards. With 12 guided designer pieces and beautiful photos, macramé crafters everywhere will feel empowered turning to this book to guide them through impressive projects. Readers will finally be able to skip the high prices for macramé décor in stores like Urban Outfitters and West Elm, and brag that they made their own professional, designer-looking pieces by hand.

Size: 9" x 10"                                                                                                                Pages: 168                                                                                                                  Format: Softcover                                                                            ISBN: 9781645670070